About the Band


A sound, visual, and lighting experience.

Gregory Rivera (Producer, Vocal, Guitar, Bass, and Keyboard)

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Contact: mgmt@extentexperience.com

Quote: "Extent is not created for today of course! Extent is created for the future of Karina. For her to see as an example that the resources to build what onces was a dream, that become a thought, and now is the reality. Is all in reaching hand. I dont want her to lose the sight of what humanity truly is. Building with your hands and with the people love most in this cruel world."

Robert Medina (Lead Guitar)

A San Antonio native, Robert Medina began his musical journey at the age of 14, beginning classical guitar under the instruction of Andy Perez. Later, attending Thomas Jefferson High School where he would meet Gregory Rivera, Robert continued will classical guitar under the instruction of J.P. Rominger and was accepted into the UTSA Department of Music as a classical guitar performance major. While attending UTSA, Robert met Edward Wagner through mutual friends and would form the post-punk/alternative band Hearts Fail. With Hearts Fail, Robert would go on to record an EP and their first two albums, also contributing to the compilation albums "Love's Shattered Pride: A Tribute to Joy Division" and "Dots to Connect: The Music of the Prids," in which he engineered and produced the track "The Glow." After departing Hearts Fail due to artistic differences, Robert would join other music projects as an occasional producer, collaborator, and session guitarist. After a prolonged departure from playing the live music scene in S.A., Robert was contacted to be a part of EXTENT, a welcomed relief from an unintended hiatus. A revival to his musical journey, Robert wholeheartedly anticipates contributing to EXTENT and the furthering the vision of Gregory Rivera.

Contact: entr0py1@yahoo.com
Quote: "Extent is the immersive musical experience I've always wanted to be a part of. It is with an open mind and heart that I accompany along this journey."

Gabe Mendez (Bass)

Gabe Tremendez (born Gabriel Martin Mendez Jr. (July 19th, 1987), known professionally as Free Verse, is born Hispanic, a musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, activist, actor, and radio personality. Besides being known by his DJ persona, he started playing bass as a teenager in youth crew hardcore band “First Round Knockout”. Which later turned into San Antonio Skate Groove Rock band “LIVIN”. While playing with LIVIN he also went on tour and played with Texas Hardcore heavyweights “BITTER END” as their first bass player. After suffering a broken right index finger Gabe took a hiatus to heal and pursue his radio career in the San Antonio Market working with Clear Channel Radio running productions such as “Sports Talk San Antonio with Mike Taylor” & “The Sports Grind” on Ticket 760 am. After doing 8 years of radio he went on to serve community college radio with KSYM 90.1 FM doing a Hip Hop show called “Coming Up Clean” on Monday 10pm-1am. While doing so Gabe got involved with local politics working with commissioner Tommy Adkisson in community efforts to make a change in the inner city of San Antonio. With getting involved with the community he started pursuing live music again. He is now the bassist for Empires (NYHC influenced Street music), With All Sincerity (Texas Metalcore pioneers), & Extent Music. Gabe is the owner of a independent alternative boutique called CBDB’s. CBDB’s is one of the first avenues to introduce CBD & hemp productive into the Texas Market prior to the 2018 Farm Bill and check out their record store in Southtown San Antonio, also follow his alternative boutique CBDB.

Contact: @djfreeverse  @southtownvinyl @mycbdb via Instagram 

 Quote: “I thank god & my family. I didn’t choose Extent, Extent choose me as family. We’re ready to introduce EXTENT worldwide as a experience. Come experience our family.” 

Felix Garza III (Drums)

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Egressing from standard operating music creation procedure comes one-man experimental ambient rock project, Extent. Presenting a three album three film concept. A science fiction story based on mother earth selecting “THE CHOSEN” to intake knowledge for the journey to the relocation of humanity.

FAR LAND – OF BECOMING – IMMUNE! The iconic blend of sound, visual, and lighting is a true experience hailing from San Antonio Texas.

 “FAR LAND” (2011) takes the viewer to the creation of existence, that forces the departure of “THE CHOSEN” towards the extent of outer space. And embark “OF BECOMING” (2018) on the adventure of survival and roam in an unexplored universe. With years passing, “THE CHOSEN” can only feel “IMMUNE” (2017) with realization all in reality is only a thought in memory of old love.

Extent has shared the stage with: Kylesa, Tombs, Coliseum, Pinkish Black, John 5, EyeHateGod, Negative Approach, Against Me, Dope, and Hed(p.e).